Guidelines for Streaming Film Requests: The library has limited funds for materials and works to be as equitable as possible when planning for curricular needs. Streaming video licenses generally expire after one year, do not remain in the library’s collection, and are often 10 times the price of a DVD. To that end, streaming title requests must: come from faculty; be required for a class; and be listed on the course syllabus or as a specific class assignment. Due to budget restrictions, we may limit the number of streaming films requested per class. 

Ordering & Licensing Info: The library requires at least 2 weeks lead-time for licensing films. Faculty are encouraged to work with their library liaison to determine what type of access is most appropriate. Free streaming services like Tubi and Freevee license films and the library may direct faculty to these services when available. Faculty should refer to the University Copyright Guidelines for Showing Movies and Other Works regarding license agreements for streaming films. 

Current Streaming Video Services: The University Library licenses streaming videos from the services listed below. This access may change from year to year based on vendor licensing agreements. Contact your library liaison with questions. 

Alternatives to Streaming Films: The library may be able to purchase DVDs when film requests do not meet our stated guidelines for licensing streaming versions. Examples of when we may purchase DVDs include:  

· When institutional licenses do not exist (e.g. Netflix and Amazon Prime productions);  
·  When films are not available for streaming; 
·  When films that are not required viewing in a course but are listed as optional on the syllabus or are supplementary but not listed on the syllabus; 
·  When films are requested by individual students (e.g. independent study, thesis, or capstone projects), for a film series, or by film clubs.  

Students, faculty, and staff may check out external DVD drives at Leyburn Library to watch DVDs. Email for questions about using campus DVD players. For campus digitization, contact the Global Discovery Lab (GDL) 

Public Performance Rights: The library does not facilitate the acquisition of public performance rights (PPR). The department or organization hosting the public screening is responsible for paying for and securing PPR and should refer to the University Copyright Guidelines for Showing Movies and Other Works regarding obtaining PPR. In cases where the library has obtained PPR, it is because the film came with that license by default.