How To Reserve a Room

To reserve a space in Leyburn or Telford Libraries, students, faculty, & staff should use 25Live. To do so:

  • In the 25Live interface, click on “Event Form.”
    • Fill out the following fields:
      • Event Name
      • Event Title for Web Calendars
      • Event Type
      • Primary Sponsoring Organization
      • Expected Head Count
      • Date and Time
    • Important: If requesting a room for a personal study session, select “Study Session” for “Event Type” AND select “Individual Student” for “Primary Sponsoring Organization.”

    • To find an available room, type “Leyburn Library” [or Telford] into “Search Locations” under the box titledLocations Search.” If you know which room you would like to reserve, type the room number into “Search Locations.” Once you have filled out this information, click “Search” to find and reserve a room. Rooms that are available for your provided “Expected Head Count” and “Date and Time” will populate.

      Once you’ve found the room you would like to reserve, click “Request” or “Reserve” in the leftmost column. Rooms that allow you to “Reserve” will automatically reserve following your submission of the form. Rooms that require you to “Request” will need approval to reserve.

  • When you’re done, click “Save” to book your room!

General Guidelines for Room Reservations within the University Library

  • Reservations must be made for dates and times that University Library is open.
    • If the library is closed our rooms may not be used. Typically, we are closed in the evenings and weekends during academic breaks and the summer months.
  • Reservations may not exceed 4 hours per day.
    • If reservations exceed 4 hours per day, you will be notified that your reservation(s) has been canceled. You must input your reservation again in 25Live to comply with our protocols.
  • If a reservation is not claimed within the first 30 minutes after its start time, it is considered cancelled.
    • Anyone may use the room at that point.
  • Academic classes and exams take priority over other events.
    • In the event of a scheduling conflict, we will make every attempt to accommodate both parties.
  • Unattended items are moved to the Library’s Lost & Found.
    • Students may not leave belongings in any area for more than 24 hours.
  • All reservations must comply with the Washington and Lee University Facilities Use Policy.

Audio/Visual Equipment Requests

  • To request audio/visual equipment call ITS at 540. 458-4357 or email

Furniture Set-up

  • For furniture set-up requests call Facilities at 540.458.8490
  • Request that Facilities “break-down”; the room after your event. Add one hour to the start and end time of your reservation to accommodate this process.
  • For Northen Auditorium, it is the responsibility of the group making the reservation to have furniture returned to “Admissions” seating at the conclusion of the event. View available furniture set-ups for Northen.

Harte Center Spaces

  • Contact the Harte Center for information about their spaces (located on Leyburn’s LL1) or reserve them in 25Live.